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Matching the 30000 points offer for SPG Amex… Fail!

Just a few days ago, there was an offer for the SPG Amex for 30000 points if you got a referral from someone with the card.  However, you no longer need a referral as the offer is now public.

Public offers:

I applied for this card before May 1st, as Amex had announced that it was no longer going to give repeat bonuses if you had received the bonus on the card in the past.  I was approved for the 25,000 point offer.

Although Amex used to match offers in the past, it has gotten really strict and does not really do that anymore.  Despite knowing that, I wanted to give it a shot.  Below is how the conversation went.  I changed the agent name to “rep” and mine with “lovetofly.”  I added some commentary for my thoughts during the call.

Rep: Hi, welcome to American Express Chat. My name is Rep. How can I help you today?
you: Hi there. I am a current account holder of the SPG Amex
you: I applied for the card just 1 month ago.
Rep: Great! Welcome to America express family!(smile)
you: Just today, I noticed there is an offer for the same card with an additional 5000 point bonus.
you: Curious if there is any way to match that offer since my application was very recent
Rep: Sure, let me quickly check that for you.
Rep: Am I chatting with Lovetofly?
you: Yes
Rep: Thank you! (smile)
Rep: Please allow me a minute to review the card information…
you: Here is the link for the new offer by the way
Rep: I’m afraid, the product offer could not be able to match with your.
Rep: As the offer keeps on changing periodically.
Rep: Please be assured, you have got the best card we offer to our valuable customers.

I was being assured that I have the “best card” except this didn’t really add any value to the conversation.  Straight off the bat, I was being denied the match.  I could have easily said ok, but I decided to just play along.

you: I know that Amex has matched offers before.
you: I’ve been a great customer :)
Rep: I’m sure you are am excellent customer since 2010…
Rep: Also, you’ve had an impeccable payment history with us and thank you so much for being so prompt every time.
Rep: However, I’m really sorry to say, that the offer is for applying a new card.
Rep: Therefore, we would not be able to match the offer for the existing customers.
Rep: Please be assured, we review the existing accounts as well and provide the offer online.
Rep: Please do not stop your self to keep checking with us.

I really didn’t know what that meant… “Do not stop your self to keep checking with us?”

you: Well, thank you for the chat. Just wish I would have waited a few more days.

Reality: If I would have waited a few more days, I would not have got the repeat bonus

Rep: Lovetofly, I’d love to help you, if it could have been possible.
you: Ok, guess I won’t win this one

For a second there, I thought we were through and almost closed the chat.  However, the rep continued to reply.

Rep: Just wait…
Rep: Here is what I can do for you as a good will gesture…
Rep: I can go ahead and credit 1,000 Hilton points to your account
Rep: How does that sound?
you: I thought we were talking about the Starwood card
Rep: Of course, we were talking about Starwood card.
Rep: It is just that…
Rep: I need to be sure you are leaving with joy…
Rep: As American express takes great pride in making their card members happy, so anything for such a valuable Card Member like you!

1,000 Hilton points = Joy… I think not!  He was offering me Hilton points because I have a Hilton Amex.

You: Rep, I do enjoy being an Amex customer, but honestly, 1000 Hilton points is worth about $4. No offense, but $4 is not worth much.
Rep: I understand this…
Rep: Lovetofly, the most I can do for you is 3,000 Hilton points.
Rep: Will that be fine with you?
you: I’ll go out on a limb and ask, can you do any Starwood points since I already have a bunch of Hilton points?
you: or offer any bonus offer for spend on the Starwood Amex
Rep: I totally understand your point…
Rep: However, the Starwood card is recently opened, I would not be able to credit the Starwood points.
you: Ok, I guess I am out of choices
Rep: Shall I credit the 3,000 Hilton points to account?

I didn’t know what more I could push for, so I decided to go ahead and take the 3000 Hilton points.

you: Sure. Thanks. $12 it is.
Rep: Pleasure is all mine! (smile)
Rep: The adjustment has been processed.
Rep: Anything else I can help to make your day an excellent one?
you: Nope, thanks.
Rep: It was my pleasure to assist you today. Thank you for choosing American Express.We appreciate and value your Card Membership with us.
Rep: Have an excellent weekend! Bye and take care!(smile)
you: Bye.
Rep: Ciao!

End result: 3000 Hilton points, but no match to the 30,000 SPG Amex offer, and some bad spelling and grammer!

I almost feel like I should have said, “don’t worry about it man… Hilton points are worthless!”

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  • Giddy for Points June 16, 2014, 11:54 pm

    Your conversation was funny…and unfortunately not very helpful for you. Oh well points are points right?! Sorry you didn’t get the 30k point offer

    • lovetofly June 17, 2014, 6:16 am

      Once I knew I wasn’t getting the Starwood points, I was just messing around.

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