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Redeem BofA Travel Rewards Points Using BofA Mobile App

It looks like Bank of America has made it easier to redeem your Bank of America Travel Rewards points. You can now do so using the Bank of America mobile app.

    1. Just login to your Bank of America Mobile app
    2. Click on your BankAmericard Travel Rewards card
    3. Click on “View/Redeem” rewardsredeem travel rewards
    4. Click on redeem for travel credit.  They even tell you that redeeming for travel credit is the best value for your points.

redeem travel rewards 1

    1. You can then pick your travel transactions you want to redeem for.  Minimum is 2500 points.

redeem travel rewards 2

Redeeming through the mobile app is much more convenient and you can review your points and redemption history at any time.


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