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How to cash out Bank of America Travel Rewards Points

Bank of America offers the Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa.  It earns 1.5 points per $1 spent on everything.  The earned points can then be used to offset only travel related purchases.   However, what if you don’t travel that much or would rather have the cash.

There is a way to redeem your points for cash.  What’s not widely known is that these points can be transferred or combined with any Worldpoints credit card, including the Fidelity Amex or the Fidelity Visa. They get transferred at a 1:1 ratio, so there is no loss.  Once the points are transferred to your Fidelity account, you can withdraw those points to your Fidelity eligible checking or brokerage, thus allowing you to fully cash out your Bank of America travel rewards points.

What’s interesting is that you can transfer these points to friends and family.  So, if you don’t have a Fidelity Amex, perhaps your friend or family member does.

Here’s how to transfer the Bank of America Travel Rewards points to the Fidelity Amex or any other eligible Worldpoints earning card:

  1.  Log into your Bank of America account
  2. Click on your credit card account: BankAmericard Travel Rewards Signature Visa
  3. Click on Rewards and you will see your available rewards.
  4. Transfer pointsClick on Transfer Rewards and you will get a popup box as below
  5. Enter your Fidelity Amex credit card number and click “Check account eligibility.”transfer points 2
  6. If it’s a valid number, it will tell you it’s eligible for transferring.  transfer points 3
  7. Enter the number of points you want to transfer and click “Submit transfer.” You can transfer any number of points up to the available balance.transfer points 4
  8. Once completed, the points will be available immediately and you can see it once you logon to your Fidelity credit card account online at FIA card services.

Pretty easy.  Now you are no longer confined to using the Bank of America Travel Rewards for just travel.  You can easily cash them out as long as you have a Fidelity Amex or Fidelity Visa.

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  • Anita October 18, 2017, 10:15 am

    Fidelity has discontinued this card that allows the transfer. I have the B of A travel card and I’ve searched unsuccessfully to find any other credit card that allows you to transfer “worldpoints”. If anyone uncovers such a card, I’d be sure interested to learn of it. As it is now, it looks like your only option is to use the points for travel.

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