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50,000 mile offer for American Express Gold Delta Skymiles card – targeted

The American Express Gold Delta Skymiles card comes and goes with variable bonuses. I recently received an email for this card with a 50,000 mile bonus after spending $1000 within 3 months of account opening. The expiration date on the offer was listed as April 28, 2013.

50,000 mile Gold Delta Amex

This is definitely a targeted offer. I verified that this is the best targeted offer for this card for me by entering my information on this longstanding targeted promotion page and sure enough, it offered me 50,000 miles, the same as my email.

50,000 mile targeted offer

So, if you did not receive an email, you can just visit that promotion page and see what offer you get. Just for kicks, I checked it for my parents. My dad got offered 35,000 mile bonus and my mom got the 50,000 mile bonus offer as well.

This a fairly good offer for the card given that the standard offer is for 30,000 miles after $500 spend.

There have been other offers recently for the card such as the 45,000 mile offer through “Cardmatch” via Creditcards.com. You enter your name, address, leave the social security field blank and you see the offers specifically for you.  However, that required $5000 spend in 6 months to get the full bonus, which to me is not worth it. However, some people were getting lower offers when they tried that card match tool.

There was also a 70,000 bonus mile offer which is now dead. However, that required manipulating a URL to get it targeted to you.

As always, according to the terms and conditions, you cannot get this card if you have had it in the last 12 months or have had any other Delta Skymiles credit card in the last 90 days.

According to my email, I can get the same offer if I chose to get the business version of the card. My guess would be that you could get both the personal and business as long as you meet the 12 month rule and the 90 day rule above for a total of 100,000 miles.

If you value Skymiles, then this may be a good deal for you. I don’t value Skymiles much, so this one is not for me.

You can find out the benefits of the card on this summary page.

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  • Venkat R Iyer December 30, 2014, 3:53 pm

    Are you still offering the 50,000. Sky miles card. I would be very interested if the offer is still open. Please let me know. Thank You.

  • rosemarie speer January 18, 2017, 4:04 pm

    do you offer 50k miles for new amex delta skymiles card

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