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Redeem BofA Travel Rewards Points Using BofA Mobile App

It looks like Bank of America has made it easier to redeem your Bank of America Travel Rewards points. You can now do so using the Bank of America mobile app.

    1. Just login to your Bank of America Mobile app
    2. Click on your BankAmericard Travel Rewards card
    3. Click on “View/Redeem” rewardsredeem travel rewards
    4. Click on redeem for travel credit.  They even tell you that redeeming for travel credit is the best value for your points.

redeem travel rewards 1

    1. You can then pick your travel transactions you want to redeem for.  Minimum is 2500 points.

redeem travel rewards 2

Redeeming through the mobile app is much more convenient and you can review your points and redemption history at any time.


The best card for everyday spending


If you have a Fidelity Amex, Visa, or Mastercard that was issued by FIA card services (Bank of America), you should expect those cards to be converted to the new Fidelity Visa Signature card issued by Elan Financial Services (US Bank) by July 22nd.

fidelity visa signature

According to the FAQ on the Fidelity website, you will receive the new Fidelity Visa Signature card between mid-June and mid-July, but ultimately by July 22nd:

We are updating our credit card program to provide the best value and customer service to our cardmembers. With this new program, you will receive an Elan Financial Services®-issued Fidelity Visa Signature card between mid-June and mid-July. This will replace your current Fidelity American Express®, MasterCard® or Visa® credit card(s) by July 22nd. All new credit cards will be part of the Visa® network, offering you the opportunity to enjoy Visa Signature® benefits.

It also looks like the last day to access your rewards points through the FIA website will be July 22nd and any leftover reward points will transfer over by July 26.

You can continue to manage your Reward Points earned on your existing card at FIA Card Services® Rewards Center through July 22nd. The rewards balance transferred to your new card will be available on July 26th through Elan’s Reward Center.
Once you have your new card, Fidelity customers can access Elan’s Rewards Center by logging into your Credit Card Snapshot page on Fidelity.com. If you don’t have a Fidelity account, visit FidelityRewards.com/login to enroll.

Keep in mind that with this change, the ability to cash out Worldpoints from the BankAmericard Travel Rewards Visa will go away

In addition, the ability to book flights through the old Fidelity credit cards will go away as well.

I am actually not happy about this change.  I will miss my Fidelity Amex.

Read the FAQ for the full details.


BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa – $200 Bonus (Targeted)

The regular offer on the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa is $100 after $500 spend in 3 months.  However, when I checked my offers after logging into my Bank of America account, I saw the offer for $200 bonus after $500 spend in 3 months.  I believe that’s the highest offer on the card.  BankAmericard Cash Rewards $200

This seems to be targeted, so check your account.  I consider this to be a pretty good offer.  Keep in mind that this is for the VISA version.

I recently wrote about the MASTERCARD version which at the moment has a public offer of $200 after $500 spend in 3 months.

I won’t repeat everything about the card.  Since the Visa is identical to the Mastercard, please see the post on the Mastercard to see why I think this is a pretty good card for a no annual fee card.

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I always use the Fidelity Amex (soon to be the Fidelity Visa) as the benchmark for a cashback card.  It gives 2% cashback on every purchase.  This should be your go to card for non bonused category spend.  2% is great, but 3% is even better.

That is what you can get with the Discover IT Miles card, with 2 restrictions:

  • You must be a new cardmember
  • This 3% is only good for the first year

Discover It Miles

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The Best Tips And Reasons For Flying Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is my favorite airline.  There are a ton of reasons I prefer to fly Southwest instead of other airlines.  Below are some tips for booking flights with Southwest and reasons to fly Southwest.

southwest airlines

1.  Cancellation Or Change Fee: The best thing about Southwest is they don’t charge any fees for canceling or changing any tickets, whether it’s a revenue ticket or an award ticket.

  • If it’s a revenue ticket, you have 1 year from the ticketing date to use the funds
  • If it’s an award ticket, the points will be returned to your account immediately.

2. Bags Fly Free – There are no fees for your 1st or 2nd bag.  Weight and size restrictions apply.

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